Forty Days
from Credibility Gap
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Credibility Gap

Who Are these guys?

Possibly one of the oldest, yet widely unheard bands in the Rocky Mountain area, Credibility Gap was conceived during a pickin' party in early 1984. The band, from its inception, has placed itself in proud (if somewhat irrelevant) opposition to whatever the conventional wisdom of the time said bluegrass music ought to be. It has always valued tradition, yet it has always treaded dangerously close to defying the rules. Although its sound and original repertoire are loved by fans of old-time bluegrass, they also smack strongly of the obscure, the odd-ball, and the totally new.

For years (some would say decades), Credibility Gap practiced in Jeff's machine shop rehearsal space. During the long years in "the shop," the band has carefully crafted it's spare, smooth sound to a well-worked patina. Each arrangement has been carefully machined, honed, and polished to the closest of tolerances under the unrelenting eyes and ears of all the craftsmen/band members.

The original and fresh (some would say obscure) nature of the band's material is a perfect reflection of the eclectic interests and backgrounds of its members. Credibility Gap continues the long tradition of bluegrass bands who earn their livings doing something other than playing bluegrass music. During the day, band members ply the trades of accountant, author, retiree, geographer, businessman, consultant, writer, manager, physical therapist and pastor.

Terry Cox: plays mandolin, sings lead and harmony

Max Hannum: plays dobro, sings lead and harmony

Bob Hickam
plays guitar and sings lead and tenor

Kellie McGee: plays fiddle, sings lead and harmony

Jeff Meyer: plays bass and sings backup vocals

Dave Risendal: plays banjo and guitar, sings lead and harmony

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