Max Hannum: plays dobro, sings harmony

Max Hannum plays dobro, sings harmony, and tells the occasional odd story between the band's songs. His quirky stylings on the dobro reflect influences from Miles Davis and Tito Puente to Stockhausen and Webern. Max's pesky day job has him taking care of financial and administrative matters at his commercial roofing company. Prior to his career in the construction business, Max worked variously as a piano tuner, vacuum salesman, McDonalds manager, church choir director, process server, busboy, and law clerk. The only band member (who will admit to) holding a philosophy degree, Max pursues other useless pastimes such as keeping score at baseball games, listening to mambo and cumbia music, and watching "Homicide" re-runs on Court-TV. Max lives with his wife Jessica in Denver.

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